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Partnership with the DeKalb County School System’s “Partners in Education Foundation” for Toney Elementary

Project Uplift’s Partners in Education Program includes mentorship o f young, elementary-aged students through its partnership with Toney Elementary and Wadsworth Elementary in Dekalb County. Nearly 500 students have benefited from this partnership that began over a decade ago.The measurable results of Project Uplift sponsored activities at Toney Elementary have resulted in the schools being named an “ America’s Choice School” for three consecutive years, and a Title I “ Distinctive School” for two consecutive years by the US Department of Education. Since 2000, the school has also been listed as having attained Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) as a result of achieving improvement of more than 10 points per year on standardized test scores.

Most Valuable Person (MVP) Day

MVP Day is the culminating highlight of Toney Elementary and a trademark event that is supported by Project Uplift. Each May, the school’s top students are honored for high achievement, which is a cardinal principal of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Distinguished members of DeKalb County government and notable business and community people are among the many presenters and participants in the MVP Day each year. In addition to recognizing the excellence of the honorees, MVP Day also provides an opportunity for the students, faculty and  staff of Toney Elementary to showcase the school’s noteworthy successes during the past few  years, which include a dramatic increase in test scores, a reduction in disciplinary cases, and a renewed sense of school and community pride.